This 1938 Art-Deco Musette has many unusual design features.

The Cabinet completely closes, covering the Keyboard
almost like a Secretary desk.

Pin-stripe inlay borders frame the entire piano.




Perhaps this Piano's most striking feature is it's shape !

The lower part of the piano ( which is generally rectangular )
is in this case Dramatically curved.....And is suspended off the ground
by the 4 outer legs, which I believe gives this piano it's incredibly lively tone.




Check-out the COOL Grand style ' LYRA '
(that's the thing that holds the Pedals, in case you didn't know !)

Real ANTIQUE looking !

Only 2 Pedals...But nobody uses the 3rd one anyway !




Rebuilding work on this Antique Musette:
New Bass Bridge
Entire Action Serviced and Regulated
Keyboard re-padded and re-felted
Beautiful Ivory Keyboard
Original Dark Mahogany Finish, cleaned and Polished


Beautiful Bright and Lively Tone !! A True Joy for the Pianist !



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