They Don't Make 'em like this Anymore !!!!

This Unusual Piano has many Unique Design features, starting with a Super-Heavyweight Cabinet built to last.

Pictured here with the Key-cover closed, the front of the piano is shaped like many grand pianos of the era.

Notice the great Book-Shelves on the left and right sides..... A Great place for all your Music Books !!

 The Music Rack is also adjustable....a very unusual feature on an Upright.

Behind the Music Desk are Sound Vents to let the sound out.

Lastly, the bottom of the piano is Gently Curved....Very Unusual.




FEATURING a Grand Piano style LYRA....

( That's the thing that holds the Pedals
in case you didn't know !! )



Nameboard above the Real IVORY Keyboard........

Made by the Haddorff Company of Rockford Illinois
and this is their Vertichord Model

Close-up shows Cherry Mahogany Woodgrain
The finish is Original....very Antique looking.





Close-up of the Front Legs.........

Nicely Shaped .........Real Antique Styling !!





Dimensions: 40" Tall ..... 26" deep .....60" Wide

Comes with the Original Matching Bench !

Restoration just completed.....
Keyboard meticulously Regulated for an even Light Key-touch......

Sweet Resonant Tone with lots of Sustain !

Call for more information, or make an appointment to see this
Beautiful Piano !




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