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  $ 2,700
Art-Deco Musette by Winter & Co. New York

Made in 1938
Rare Antique Art-Deco Cabinet Design
Rich Mahogany Wood with real Ivory Keys

Big Bright Sound for a Small Piano !!
Tuned to A-440 Medium-Light Keytouch

Dimensions: 45" tall x 56" wide x 23" deep


Made in 1937
in Rockford illinois

Rich Cherry-Brown Mahogany
Ivory Keys
Light Key-Touch
Restoration just Completed


Hardman Antique Upright Grand

Made in 1904

Original Chocolate - Mahogany Finish

Antique swivel stool included


Hallet - Davis & Co. of Boston

Made in 1908

Rose-Mahogany Antique Upright Piano
Refinished with Satin Danish Oil Finish.
Rebuilt Action fully Regulated and Tuned to A-440

Light Key-Touch....Clear Bright Sound


Kimball Antique Upright

Made in 1899

Recently refinished
Golden wood similar to oak (possibly Ash?)

Original celluloid keytops
New hammers, new dampers



Busch & Lane

Made in 1918

Walnut Burl Upright Piano

A real showpiece. Completely restored.
Sweet tone, light touch.



Kramich & Bach Console
Made in 1935
Antique Cottage Style #73175
Dark Walnut
Ivory Keytops
Medium keytouch 


Wurlitzer Console Piano
Made in 1969 (USA)
Honey Walnut

Light keytouch
A good starter piano for beginners or adults

Beautiful Fruitwood Console Piano with bench for Sale. Recently Tuned to A440; Regulated and Maintained by Piano Technician. Mint Condition.

The Keytouch is Light and Sensitive, suitable for any Pianist of any age. The Color is a peachy-light-mahogony color. The Tone is Warm and Rich.

The Piano is made in 1971 by the Gordon Laughead Pianoforte Company, an old established American piano manufacturing firm.

Dimensions are: 41" tall x 24" deep x 57" wide
'PRINCE and SONS, New York'
Made in 1890's
Mahogony finish, Ivory Keys

Tuned to Orchestral pitch of A-444
Hand-carved Floral & Song-Bird design

$650    'As Is'
Antique Estey Reed-Pump Organ
Made in the 1880's
Chestnut wood
2 Candelabras
9 stops
2 knee levers
Emerson Upright Piano
Made in 1895
Victorian-Gothic Styling

Dark Mahogany Finish
Ivory Keytops, Incredible Bass Tone
New Bass Strings
Comes with matching antique swivel stool

Story & Clark of Pennsylvania

Made in 1965

Artist Console style
Light pecan color

Lattice inlay panels
Mint condition hardly played
Matching bench included

Estey of NY Small Antique Upright

Made in 1912

Original alligatored mahogany finish

New keytops, New bass bridge
New dampers, medium - light keytouch
Tuned to A-440


Winter & Co. of NY
Made in 1952

Musette style #298241
Walnut - Burl bookmatched Veneer
Grand - Lyra pedal design
Light keytouch


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