Victorian Styling, Beautiful Exotic Woods Ornate Hand-Carved Music Desk

Old Pianos have the Uniqueness & Charm that Antique Collectors Love! They will become the focal point of any room & will provide your Family Generations of Musical Enjoyment if properly cared for, preserving the Golden Age of Piano Building & a piece of History & Americana.

"They don't build 'em like they used to!"

This certainly holds true regarding the big upright pianos built between the 1880's and 1940.

Ranging from 4 feet to 4' 10" tall, these pianos will take up only a bit more floor space than a smaller spinet or console size piano, but will generally have a much better Tone (particularly in the Bass) due to the larger soundboard and longer string length. They got the name "Upright Grand" and "Cabinet Grand" because their string length and soundboard were equivalent to a 5' 3" Baby Grand piano.

Mechanically, these Antique Pianos are almost identical to Instruments manufactured today, as the piano has not really been changed much in the last 120 years or so. Replacement parts, strings, hammers, etc. are still available from suppliers.

Most of my Antique Pianos (pre 1940) have required additional work (100 to 300 hours!) which includes:

  • Complete Action (mechanical) Rebuilding
  • New leathers, new felts, springs, and straps
  • New keytops if needed
  • Ivory Keytops - Chipped or broken Ivory is replaced with used Ivory
  • Keyboard completely repadded with new felts and adjusted
  • New damper Felt if needed
  • New Bass Strings or Treble strings when needed
  • Veneer and Cabinet repair
  • Refinished (where noted)
  • Pedals are Polished and Rebuilt for 'Silent Running'
  • Tuning....Several Tunings to A-440 (unless otherwise noted)

Past Restorations

Antique Chickering Piano 1985

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