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     Owner Rob Gardener has been tuning pianos for over 20 years. He tunes 'by ear', meaning he does not use an electronic tuning device. He has studied extensively and understands the relationship of the notes in one 12-tone musical scale, which, when combined, produce the harmonies of music.

     An expert that tunes by ear can often do a better job than one who uses an electrical tuning aid. This is because different sizes and types of pianos have slightly different 'string scales', meaning the relationship of length and mass of the strings to each other. When tuning by ear, he is able to hear this relationship and thereby tune your piano correctly to bring out the true tone and beauty of your instrument.

     Not all piano tuners are alike. Techniques such as 'stretching octaves' can add brightness to high notes, and richness to the bass.


     After a piano is properly tuned, a technique known as 'voicing' can be used to drastically change and improve the tone of the instrument. An excessively bright tone can be mellowed, eliminating harshness. Likewise, if the tone is too mellow, the notes will not 'sing'. The correct balance throughout the 8 octave range from the bass to the treble will give a well-rounded sound that is full and expressive.

     In voicing, old worn hammers are first filed and reshaped to their original teardrop shape, eliminating old grooves and string-cuts, so that the hammer strikes the string with clean felt.

     The hammers are then aligned to the strings so that they strike correctly, with full force. (If you have a Grand Piano, the soft (left) pedal will not work properly unless the hammers are properly aligned to the strings.)

     Finally, the hammers are 'needled' (if needed), to soften the felt and eliminate excessive brightness and harshness. Additionally, it may be necessary to harden the hammers if they are too soft, using chemical solutions.

     Our voicing prices range from approximately $150 to $400.

     Keep in mind that the piano must be tuned before voicing is done.