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Helping Evaluate Before You Purchase

If you are thinking of purchasing a New or Used piano and are unsure of its condition, Rob is available to 'Evaluate' it before it's purchased, and will give an honest, detailed analysis of the piano's condition, inherent Tone qualities, Keyboard touch and Sensitivity, and overall Musicality to suit your needs and budget, whether you are a Beginner or Virtuoso performer.

Nearly all Used pianos will need some work, and many will need a lot of work to get them into good playable condition. Also, many used pianos have not been tuned for many years, and may need 2 or 3 tunings. These are things that you, the Buyer, should know before you purchase and pay moving costs for any piano, even if it is relatively inexpensive.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Used Piano


Family Pianos:

I often work on Antique Pianos that are passed down through the family, from Grandparents to their Children and then to their Grandchildren. Although I encourage 'Keeping a Piano in the Family' and taking care of it... or Restoring it, there are times when these 'Family Piano' can have as many problems as the 'Free pianos' mentioned above. Therefore, it's always Wise to have the piano evaluated beforehand.... before it is moved.

Free Pianos not always a good deal!!

Although some may be perfectly good Instruments, and well worth the cost of Moving, Tuning and Repair... others were ready for the Junkpile decades ago!! Additionally, not all pianos can 'Hold a Tune' and/or some may have severe Soundboard and Bass Bridge cracks, which is expensive to fix... or un-fixable. Some.... although once Fine Instruments... may require too much $$ in cost to repair. And some (dare I say) have even had mice living in them... making a mess and damaging parts, and have toxic Allergens which cannot be cleaned. These are all things you should know, before acquiring a Used Piano... even if it's Free!!

Old and Antique Grand Pianos:

These should especially be Evaluated beforehand, as they can often have as many or more problems as Upright pianos... even if they were 'well cared for' by their previous owners. Just because they're Grand Pianos doesn't mean that they're any good, and thousands of 'Cheap Quality' Baby Grands were manufactured from the 1920's onward, which may have problems with the 'Pin-block' .... which is what keeps the piano In-Tune.

Or they may have been played 'hard' for decades, requiring extensive 'Action' (mechanical) work. The average Antique Baby Grand generally needs a minimum of $750 to $1200 of work, as a rule.

The Cost of Piano Moving:

By licensed-Insured professionals who will not damage your piano, floors or home

Can range in price from about $275 to well over $700 for a Big Upright or Baby Grand. Before you spend this money, you should know what you're getting.

Do the Math:

The cost of Piano Lessons nowadays ranges from $25 to $35 for a half hour lesson... every week. Monthly, that adds up to a minimum of $100 per month..... and $1,200. per year. As a Piano Teacher myself.... I know that the ability for any Student to learn to play piano is often based on having a reasonably good piano to practice upon. Especially younger Children with small fingers need a piano that works correctly.

Think about it:

Is it wise to spend over a Thousand a Year for lessons, and then allow the student to practice on a piano that's a 'Piece of Junk' ?? Yet I have seen this scenario dozens of times over the years... in countless homes. Often the teacher is unaware of the condition of the piano; other times, the teacher simply 'overlooks it'.

The piano should have a Smooth and Level keyboard, in which all the Keys respond quickly to the fingers. The key pressure should be even and consistent. Pedals should be quiet. The Tone should be pleasant. The Piano should be 'In Tune'... and Most Important... Tuned to A-440... the Standard of Musical Pitch today, especially if the Student also likes to Sing or the Piano is used for Vocal or Choir practice, or if the piano is to be played along with Guitar, Violin, Cello... or other Band instruments. If the student is learning or playing along with YouTube or Zoom lessons (often with an Electronic Keyboard) then it's especially important that the Home piano and the Keyboard or Recording are 'In Tune' together.

Rob will give you a complete Written Estimate of what it will cost to tune and repair the piano before you purchase it!

So that you have a clear idea of exactly what it will
cost you to get any piano into good playable condition.

Price for evaluation ranges between $50. and $250

Depending on traveling distance from Cherry Hill, NJ.

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