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All my used pianos have been refurbished. This means that they have gone through a complete screening and repair process to ensure they will provide years of Musical Enjoyment for beginners and advanced Musicians alike.

Any used piano you consider buying on your own will need Tunings, Repair, and Regulation (the adjustment of mechanisms and key-touch) which will normally cost you $300 to $700 or more....above the cost of the piano...and Piano Moving.

When you buy a piano from Crystal Clear Pianos, everything has been done, so there will be no additional unexpected fees. These pianos are 'Good to Go!"

Every piano has gone through the following checklist

  • Several Tunings to A-440 Cleaning - inside and out
  • Exterior Wood Cabinet stained and polished
  • Completely Repaired - All notes work properly
  • Strings replaced if needed
  • Pedal Repadded and adjusted for smooth quiet, operation
  • Regulation (mechanical adjustments) Keyboard is Leveled and Keytouch adjusted for proper operation
  • Hammers are aligned to the strings
  • Voicing - Hammers are cleaned, filed, and Voiced if needed

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